Romeo & Juliet: UNREHEARSED! Photo Gallery

"But, soft, what light through yonder actor breaks?" "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore don't thou know thy lines?" Barefoot Shakespeare Company presents the FOURTH in their series of (Completely UNREHEARSED!) Shakespeare for Sports Fans!

Romeo & Juliet: UNREHEARSED!

First, it was UNREHEARSED: Midsummer, then, we tackled The Tempest: UNREHEARSED, and we just visited Illyria to take on Twelfth Night: UNREHEARSED! But do not fear, Barefoot will be back in March with another adventure in unrehearsed Shakespeare. Our Twelfth Night: UNREHEARSED! audience has voted.  Join us at... Romeo & Juliet: UNREHEARSED! Sunday, March 12th @ 6PM Davenport … Continue reading Romeo & Juliet: UNREHEARSED!