Lady Capulet Photo Gallery

What caused the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets? This prequel to Romeo and Juliet follows the story of Rose from country girl to lady of Verona and explores the betrayal, revenge, and manipulations that set the houses of Capulet and Montague against one another in a time when the influence of family, money, … Continue reading Lady Capulet Photo Gallery

Measure for Measure Photo Gallery

Vienna is in turmoil after two decades of societal upheaval, and Duke Vincentio has abruptly decided to flee the city, leaving his faithful deputy, Angelo, in charge. Determined to put an end to moral corruption in Vienna, Angelo decides to strictly enforce even the most Puritan laws. When a young man named Claudio is sentenced … Continue reading Measure for Measure Photo Gallery

Cymbeline Photo Gallery

It is 2018 and our country is in crisis: alienated, insular, and divided. In an attempt to preserve tradition, Cymbeline, pressured by his self-serving wife, arranges for his daughter and heir, Imogen, to be married off to a privileged, arrogant example of male toxicity. Her refusal and subsequent foray into the forest in disguise begins … Continue reading Cymbeline Photo Gallery

All One Forest Photo Gallery

Travel to the forest with some of Shakespeare's most beloved characters in this original, world-premier production of All One Forest, by Joe Raik.

Macbeth Photo Gallery

Macbeth reeks of death, decay, and destruction, all caused by knee-jerk reactions to fear in the conquest for power. Director Matt Bayer feels that Macbeth has many parallels to the Vietnam War and using South Vietnam as our setting is an unsettling–albeit appropriate–fit. “The echoing horror of that war will cross the memory of the … Continue reading Macbeth Photo Gallery