Macbeth Photo Gallery

Macbeth reeks of death, decay, and destruction, all caused by knee-jerk reactions to fear in the conquest for power. Director Matt Bayer feels that Macbeth has many parallels to the Vietnam War and using South Vietnam as our setting is an unsettling–albeit appropriate–fit. “The echoing horror of that war will cross the memory of the [...]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Photo Gallery

n A Midsummer Night’s Dream, one night’s journey through a primeval forest wreaks havoc with the hearts and minds of four young rebels, an avant-garde theatre troupe, and even a fairy or two. Always attempting to find the tragedy in comedy, director Laurel Andersen says, “Can reason be regained –or should it? Music and magic [...]

Taming of the Shrew Photo Gallery

Raw, quick, sharp. That's our Kate and Petruchio. But how did we get here? Men and women look at things from different lenses, and it comes to a head in a fast, tumultuous and sexy spectacle. In the 1950s, everything was in its place...what happens when we shake the world up a bit?

As You Like It Photo Gallery

Barefoot is pleased to present As You Like It against the backdrop of New York City during the Great Depression.  Shedding the opulence of the court for the Hooverville of Arden, Rosalind, Orlando and their co-mates explore the nuances of passion and classism in a pre-war setting.   Word play, music, and a couple of classic clowns [...]