Mission Statement

Founded in 2012 by Emily Gallagher, Courtney Moors, and Rob Sniffin,  Barefoot Shakespeare Company has a pedestrian, engaging and modern outlook on the works of the Bard.


Barefoot Shakespeare Company strives to make the works of William Shakespeare accessible to everyone, with an eye towards modernization to reflect the world we currently live in, and our recent past to examine how we got here. We continue to try and educate both ourselves and our audiences on the histories and struggles of topics such as race, gender equality, politics, and self expression with the Bard’s works as our baseline. We value our relationships with our audiences, and encourage them to participate in our productions, blurring the lines between spectator and participant. Education is another pillar of our ethos, with ‘ready-to-go’ productions and workshops available to any and all who want to explore with us.

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