Mission Statement

Founded in 2012 by Emily Gallagher, Courtney Moors, and Rob Sniffin,  Barefoot Shakespeare Company has a pedestrian, engaging and modern outlook on the works of the Bard.


Barefoot Shakespeare Company is dedicated to making the timeless works of William Shakespeare accessible to all, while embracing a contemporary perspective that reflects the world we live in and critically examines our recent past. Our mission is to educate both ourselves and our audiences about the histories and challenges related to vital societal issues such as race, gender equality, politics, and self-expression, using Shakespeare’s works as our foundation. We deeply value our relationships with our audiences, actively encouraging their participation in our productions, blurring the lines between spectator and participant. Our commitment to education is a fundamental pillar of our ethos, offering readily accessible productions and workshops for all who wish to join us on our journey of exploration and discovery.


A vibrant and innovative theater organization based in New York City, for over 10 years, Barefoot Shakespeare has been dedicated to reimagining Shakespeare’s timeless works through a feminist lens and a contemporary, modernized perspective, which we proudly refer to as “Americana Shakespeare.” Our programming has consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional Shakespearean productions and has been a platform for thought-provoking interpretations.

Throughout our history, we have produced 18 fully staged productions that challenge conventional settings and contexts for Shakespeare’s plays. These unique settings allow us to engage our audiences in discussions about contemporary issues such as race, gender equality, politics, and self-expression, using Shakespeare’s works as a foundation for these conversations.

Our vision is to continue pushing the boundaries of Shakespearean theater, fostering the development of new works by our alumni, and providing a platform for young artists to express themselves creatively. We strive to create an environment where artists can realize their wildest dreams, and we take pride in our reputation for being a company that never says “no” and always finds a way to “make it work.”

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