The Winter’s Tale

Winters Tale Program

“A sad tale’s best for winter.”

Step into the web of Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale,” where time slips through fingers like grains of sand and the stubborn weed of jealousy takes root, choking out reason and sowing discord. In this tale of tangled narratives and generational trauma, powerful women stand as pillars of support and strength, cultivating gardens of forgiveness amidst the barren landscape of lost time. Join us for a journey where stories intertwine like vines as hope blossoms, and where the only certainty is the transformative power of love.

Join Barefoot Shakespeare as we bring together a cast of alumni and friends of Barefoot to explore one of Shakespeare’s later works.

Thursday, May 30 @ 6pm
Friday, May 31 @ 6pm
Saturday, June 1 @ 4pm

Thursday, June 6 @ 6pm
Friday, June 7 @ 6pm
Saturday, June 8 @ 4pm
Sunday, June 9 @ 4pm

All performances are at Summit Rock in Central Park (B/C to American Museum of Natural History/81st street). Admission is FREE, no tickets necessary.

Featuring: Laurel Andersen, Carl Bindman, Andrew Dunn, Johnny Gottsegen, Kelly Blaze Klotz, Malavika Nair, Joe Raik, Tyler Riley, Regina Russell, Emily Thaler, and Ray Wilbur

Directed by: Emily Gallagher
Production Stage Manager: Sam Kersnick
Assistant Stage Managers: Jack Clark, Malavika Nair, Mel Ryan, and Colleen Welday
Fight Director/Resident Fight Director: Robert Aronowitz
Voice and Speech Director/Resident Voice & Speech Director: Caitlyn McCain
Intimacy and Movement Director: Nazlah Black
Director of Diversity and Inclusion: Regina Renée Russell
Script Cutting: Rachel Lawhead and Johnny Gottsegen
Dramaturgy: Rachel Lawhead and Johnny Gottsegen
Music: Rachel Lawhead, Johnny Gottsegen, and Andrew Dunn
Directing Consultant: Addy Jenkins
Fight Captain: Johnny Gottsegen
Intimacy Captain: Ray Wilbur
Design: Melissa Parker Caron
Art Design: Tony Patryn