This amazing experience brought us two incredibly different shows with two of the biggest audiences we have ever seen at Summit Rock. Thank you to all of you who joined us for UNREHEARSED 2023!

Saturday, September 2 at 4pm ET

Regina Russell – Hermia
Preston Fox – Helena
Addy Jenkins– Demetrius
Caeden Musser – Lysander
Carl Bindman – Theseus/Mustardseed
Erinn Nelson – Hippolyta/Francis Flute (Thisbe)/Peaseblossom
Amy Pan – Egeus/Peter Quince (Prologue/Moonshine)/Cobweb
Rachel Lawhead – Oberon/Snug (Lion)/Attendant
Abby Wilde – Titania/Snout (Wall)/Attendant
Johnny Gottsegen – Puck/Philostrate
Andrew Dunn – Nick Bottom (Pyramus)

REFEREES: Jeff Reardon, Clinton Powell, and Mel Ryan
Photos (c) Mel Lee Filonuk

Saturday, August 26 at 4pm ET

Simone Stadler – Hermia
Kelly Blaze – Helena
Robin Friend Stift – Demetrius
James Hawkins – Lysander
Nicky Fraebel – Theseus/Mustardseed
Jordan Bland – Hippolyta/Francis Flute (Thisbe)/Peaseblossom
Collin McConnell – Egeus/Peter Quince (Prologue/Moonshine)/Cobweb
Laurel Andersen – Oberon/Snug (Lion)/Attendant
Natalie Ahn – Titania/Snout (Wall)/Attendant
Alex Gomez – Puck/Philostrate
Clinton Powell – Nick Bottom (Pyramus)

Master of Ceremonies: Clare Solly
REFEREES: Andrew Dunn and Jeff Reardon

Join us at Summit Rock in Central Park – FREE
(enter at 85 St. and follow the path up and to the right as far as it goes. Once you get to the top, bear left to the seating area at Summit Rock) 
No tickets or reservation necessary.

It’s August and that means Barefoot is back at Summit Rock with our favorite zany fundraiser, UNREHEARSED. This Summer brings two opportunities to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream with two casts of Barefoot Alumni!

Taking it back to the beginning, Barefoot is thrilled to be tackling our favorite summer romp, Midsummer, with alumni new and old this summer.

Lovingly called “Shakespeare for Sports Fans,” Unrehearsed allows our actors to stretch their improv muscles.  Actors are assigned a part and have 30 days to learn lines; at no time are they permitted to rehearse with each other. The performance is complete with a referee who calls “foul” for missed cues, flubbed lines, etc. and the audience can place bets on who they think will foul the most. It’s a two hour extravaganza where half the fun is watching the magic of theatre happen live and in-person, while hoping the actors will mess up!

Featuring: Natalie Ahn, James Alt, Laurel Andersen, Carl Bindman, Jordan Bland, Kelly Blaze, Andrew Dunn, Preston Fox, Nicky Fraebel, Alex Gomez, Johnny Gottsegen, Addy Paul Jenkins, Rachel Lawhead, Collin McConnell, Caeden Musser, Erinn Nelson, Amy Pan, Clinton Powell, Jefferson Reardon, Regina Renee Russell, Clare Solly, Simone Stadler, Robin Friend Stift, Abby Wilde

Artwork (c) Mel Lee Filonuk / @melleedunn on Instagram