UNREHEARSED: Much Ado & Love’s Labours Lost

Barefoot Shakespeare PRESENTS UNREHEARSED:
Much ADO ABout Nothing and LOVE’s LABOURS LOST

We could not be more excited to get back out to Summit Rock live and
in-person with UNREHEARSED!

Saturday, August 21 at 4pm ET – Much Ado About Nothing
Saturday, August 28 at 4pm ET – Love’s Labours Lost

Join us at Summit Rock in Central Park – FREE
(enter at 85 St. and follow the path up and to the right as far as it goes. Once you get to the top, bear left to the seating area at Summit Rock) 
No tickets or reservation necessary.

First, it was UNREHEARSED!: Midsummer, then, we swam or sunk with The Tempest: UNREHEARSED!, next we visited Illyria to take on Twelfth Night: UNREHEARSED! and then, there was the classic Romeo & Juliet: UNREHEARSED! followed by our all female Comedy of Errors: UNREHEARSED! in conjunction with Occupy Verona during out She Doth Persist collaboration.

Lovingly called “Shakespeare for Sports Fans,” Unrehearsed allows our actors to stretch their improv muscles.  Actors are assigned a part and have 30 days to learn lines; at no time are they permitted to rehearse with each other. The performance is complete with a referee who calls “foul” for missed cues, flubbed lines, etc. and the audience can place bets on who they think will foul the most. It’s a two hour extravaganza where half the fun is watching the magic of theatre happen live and in-person, while hoping the actors will mess up!

Featuring:  Rob Aronowitz, Matt Biagini, Collin Blackard, Jordan Bland, Kelly Blaze, Andrew Dunn, Preston Fox, Emily Gallagher, Alexandra Gomez, Andrew Jones, Lauren Lay, Caitlyn McCain, Theo McKenna, Sophia Metcalf, Isaac Allen Miller, Myles Philips, Clinton Powell, Jefferson Reardon, Mel Ryan, Clare Solly, Alexandra Taylor, Emily Thaler, Violet Tzu-Hsuan Wang, and Arden Winant




Love’s Labours Lost

Artwork (c) Anna Stacy

Photos (c)
Arden Winant
Mel Lee Filonuk / @melleedunn on Instagram