Measure for Measure – Behind the Scenes


“The story is confusing, the ethics are a disaster, and the verse is utter chaos. On every level the text of Measure for Measure is disjointed, unclean, at times beautiful, and in almost every instance and interpretation, deeply disturbing. This play is and should feel as uncomfortable as real life too often does. Let the play therefore not be a ‘problem’ to be fixed, but rather a guide to lead us deeper into the mire. We must have no catharsis onstage, concerning the subject of power dynamics and sexual assault, until we have realized it first in reality. We are perhaps closer in 2019 than we have ever been but are still unquestionably without resolution or redress. We may however use this text to force the problems to our view, and having led others to sit in this discomfort with us, we might yet stir one more person to action. That would be a success.” – Director, Jenny Grober

Photo Credit: Lauren Eliot Photography