Robin Johnson as Ursula and Courtney Moors as Beatrice

Much Ado About Nothing Press Release

New York, NY, July 27, 2015:  Barefoot Shakespeare Company has just completed the first show of its third season, Romeo & Juliet. Barefoot’s version of this classic love-story was set in Appalachia; the grudge between the Capulets and the Montegues echos the long-running Hatfield-McCoy feud.  The inhabitants of this world are quick to anger and quick to violence, as they try to make their way in an uncompromising natural habitat.

653a78_fd013e08f6ac4e9eb4dfc677d25e4687Rob Sniffin, the director of Romeo & Juliet and the Artistic Director of the Barefoot Shakespeare Company said, “I am humbled by the work of my peers in this process, excited by the growth of each individual, daunted by the challenge of continuing to work as smart and hard in the future, and filled with that bittersweet goodbye feeling that only we theatre folk really know.  I am confident that future Barefoot productions will reach the high standard set by Romeo & Juliet.”

Barefoot continues to bring Shakespeare’s work to a wide and diverse audience by creating works with a pedestrian, engaging and modern outlook.  The Company’s next production, Much Ado About Nothing, takes place at a at an army base on the Georgia/Alabama border.  The soldiers may on leave from overseas, but even at home a “merry war” wages between the sexes.  Love at first sight, jealousy and confusion, evil illegitimate brothers, mixed-up lovers, three weddings and a funeral – Much Ado About Nothing is an amusing look at timeless truths about love, betrayal, and acceptance.



The show is directed by Barefoot’s President, Emily Gallagher, and the cast includes both Barefoot alumni and newcomers:  Brittany Allen, Collin Blackard, Cameron Clarke, April Glick, Natalie Ann Harris, Robin Johnson, Courtney Moors , Costa Nicholas, Kelli-Ann Paterwic, Clinton Powell, Rob Sniffin, Robert Raeder, Arden Winant.

All shows will take place at Summit Rock in Central Park on the following dates and times: August 27th at 6 PM; August 28th at 6 PM; August 30th at 2 PM; September 4th at 6 PM; September 5th at 6 PM; September 6th at 2 PM.


Barefoot’s mission is to bring Shakespeare’s work to a wide and diverse audience with a pedestrian, engaging and modern outlook on the works of the Bard.  They strive to create work that is grounded, accessible and applicable and seek to approach all of Shakespeare’s texts with energy, enthusiasm and excitement.  For more information, see Barefoot Shakespeare Company’s website,

August 27, 28 and 30 and September 4 – 6, Summit Rock, Central Park


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